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Purchase a Fence Master or Barrier Master

Both the Barrier Master and Fence Master are available to purchase direct from PostPullers. To get a quote complete the below form with your requirements.

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“We are really impressed with our Postpuller, the machine clearly removes posts with much less manual effort. The machine allows us to reduce labour time when removing posts. The machine arrived quickly and customer service was great. A brilliant company to deal with and we would definitely recommend this kit to others.”

Rose Wyatt, Project Coordinator
Rating: 5

“I bought Fencemaster in 2015 and it hasn’t let me down since. A bit of paint has come off but it has done some serious work.  My company name is Fence Connection and I’m based in Peterborough.  I have done lots of work for many happy customers and I am a happy customer of Postpullers. If anyone wants to ask me specific questions to verify anything then get my Contact details from”

Rating: 5

“We have been hiring Fencemasters for years and we know from experience that nothing else comes close for extracting posts and concrete bases. The service is as good as the products and we would recommend these to anyone needing to get posts of out the ground.”

Ian Clark
Rating: 5
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