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About Fence Master

Our unique post removal system is designed to take the strain out of removing fence posts of all shapes and sizes: fence posts, street signs, gateposts to motorway barrier posts. Used by both fencers and landscapers, the Fence Master can:

  • Extract posts with heavy concrete footings in under 2 minutes
  • Offer 4000kg pulling force
  • Extract footings with up to 600mm diameter.
  • No digging is required – saves hours of backbreaking work
  • Remove broken or rotten posts easily with the special claw attachment
  • Allows for the complete post and footing can be wheeled away



Our manual unit is completely self-contained and operated by a hand pump. Powered versions are available on request.

We offer two models. A manual unit which is completely self-contained and operated by a hand pump and a powered version which utilises a standard hydraulic power pack carried by most hire shops.

Both machines produce the same powerful 4000kg force and are capable of removing the post complete with its concrete footing, with no digging or breaking up of concrete necessary, in under two minutes.

The Fence Master machine can extract posts with heavy concrete footings in minutes which otherwise would take hours of back breaking work. The complete post and footing can then be simply wheeled away.

The Fence Master post removal system is the best in its class and really can save hours compared to manual digging.


If you are interested in purchasing a Fence Master, please complete the linked sales form with your requirements and we will be in touch.


If you are interested in hiring a Fence Master, complete the linked hire form. We can often negotiate preferential rates from a local supplier on your behalf.

Watch a video of Fence Master in action here

Fence Master Gallery

It’s great that these fence post pullers have been made, I thought we would have to dig out by hand and I really wasnt looking forward to that. The post puller pulled them out really quickly and it wasn’t hard.

Peter D
Rating : 5

We booked a fence post puller hire after a storm damaged our fences and we needed to get the rest of the broken bits out. I was surprised how effortless it was for the machine to drag the post out the ground. These are really good pieces of equipment.

Rating : 5

What a fantastic piece of equipment. Easy to use and pulled out a concrete post with the concrete base with ease. Hardest bit was chipping off the concrete base so I could take the post to the tip. If you need to remove posts then this item is the one and only.

Rating : 5

The pictures make it look easy to use… and it really was. I pulled out all of the old posts in under 2 hours, by myself, and barely broke a sweat. I very much doubt I would ever need to hire this again but would totally recommend it, even if you only have a few posts to remove.

Rating : 5

So easy to use! We failed at trying to remove t-posts before finding this item. The posts come out so easily with no damage, so the posts can then be reused. This puller is also easily operated by one person which then means the others can go do something productive. I would recommend this item for fast removal of t-posts.

Rating : 5

The post puller machines are really good pieces of equipment, it saved me lots of time and effort. I could put my feet up and forget about the garden sooner!

Rating : 5

Every now and again you see a product online and think “genius”. This is one of those times. Since discovering this post puller we’ve saved so many hours of backbreaking digging in customer’s gardens, I can’t begin to describe! Less time on site = more profit. It’s a no-brainer.

JD Landscaping
Rating : 5
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