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About The Barrier Master

Our multi-award-winning Barrier Master has been developed to quickly and safely remove barrier posts using a special purpose excavator attachment. Operated entirely from the comfort and safety of the driver’s cab (or remote control for lorry mounted crane version), Barrier Master grips posts and extracts them in one safe, controlled operation.

Our machine addresses all of the safety concerns associated with traditional post-extraction methods; there is no danger of ejected parts as Barrier Master does not rely on pulling force for clamping power.



We are the only UK manufacturer offering this patent-protected solution and we have appointed Strimech Attachments, the established name in attachments, as our worldwide distributor. Now used increasingly by highway contractors across the UK, the Barrier Master represents a significant leap forward in operator safety.

  • Operated entirely from the safety of the driver’s cab (or remote control for lorry mounted crane version)
  • 3 models to suit either 8 tonne or 5 tonne excavator classes
  • The larger Barrier Master model boasts an impressive 15 tonnes of pulling force and can remove posts complete with concrete footings up to 1.5 metre diameter. The smaller model offers ten tonnes of pulling power and can handle footings up to 1.0mtr dia.
  • All pulling force is directed into the ground and none is transmitted to the carrier

If you are interested in purchasing a Barrier Master, please complete the linked sales form with your requirements and we will be in touch.


If you are interested in hiring a Barrier Master, complete the linked hire form. We can often negotiate preferential rates from a local supplier on your behalf.

Watch a video of Barrier Master in action here

Barrier Master Gallery

We were impressed with the Barrier Master on the M1 Jn16-19 project where we were dealing with large quantities of VRS posts in the central reserve. After the initial operator learning curve the outputs we achieved were very good. The machine was powerful enough to deal with most VRS posts including corroded sockets and long driven posts in well compacted ground. Two of the benefits from a safety perspective are 1) much less noise than a percussive extractor, and 2) there is no tension or stored energy and so not potential for uncontrolled release of it.

We are citing our experience on the M1 J16-19 with the Barrier Master when quoting for future work

Nick Dybeck
Director HW Martin Safety Fencing Ltd
Rating : 5

Safety barrier post removal has been a topic for discussion within the highways industry for many years. The Barrier Master is an industry game changer which overcomes all safety concerns associated with the traditional and well established industry methods. A-one+ have found the Barrier Master to be faster, more efficient and a more economical method of post extraction which will undoubtedly benefit the wider industry.

David Allison MCIHT
Works Manager for A-one+ Area 12
Rating : 5
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